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Mouth Guards Perth

Mouth Guards Perth, WA mouthguard, Karratha, Port Hedland, Osborne Park

Discover the Easy Dentures difference that will give you the beauty, reliability and freedom you're looking for. East Dentures of Mt Hawthorn as the mouth guards Perth people are talking about.

Custom Moulded Mouthguard

Did you know that your chance of sustaining a mouth injury while competing in a contact sport is 10% a season and 30-50% over your athletic career? The risk to your teeth is high but only about 7% of people wear mouth protection while playing sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, and karate. It is mandatory to wear mouth guards while participating in sports like rugby and hockey.

Custom fitted mouth guards can prevent costly and painful injuries to teeth as well as reduce the rate of concussion and jaw injuries. Off-the-rack, boil-and-bite model mouth guards only provide low-level protection and can make speaking difficult. Custom-made mouthguards fitted in our clinic are safer, more effective and more comfortable.

Fitted Mouthguard

A professionally created mouthguard will protect the teeth, gums and bone structure by molding properly during use. Over the counter versions may prevent chipped or damaged teeth, but are not made to protect the important structures that support the teeth.

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