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Denture Reline

Fix Dentures Perth, WA Karratha, Port Hedland, Osborne Park

Discover the Easy Dentures difference that will give you the beauty, reliability and freedom you're looking for. East Dentures of Mt Hawthorn as the best way to fix Dentures Perth people love.

There are many ways we can fix the problem you are having with your Dentures. Some Dentures require repairs, other Dentures can be fixed by rebasing or relining. A reline is a popular way to fix Dentures in need of a better fit

Fix Dentures with Relining

A reline is a procedure used fix Dentures by re-fitting the surface of a denture to the tissues of the mouth. This is done by placing a new acrylic base into the denture, duplicating the new form of the oral structures in the mouth. A reline will bring back comfort, stability and discourage food from going under the denture.

Relines are required for many reasons to fix Dentures with the most common reason being gum resorption (shrinking of the oral tissues). Gum resorption is caused by the normal process of aging or after natural teeth have been extracted.

A general rule is that Dentures should be relined once every 2 to 3 years and possibly replaced every 5 years. Relines are a normal part of denture maintenance and important to the health of the oral tissues and bone support of a denture wearer.

The best people to fix Dentures - Perth's best, Easy Denture Clinic

Easy Denture Clinic is one of Perth's leading denture clinics and we individually craft each denture, using only the best materials and techniques to ensure an accurate fit, optimal function, and natural aesthetics. Our dental prosthetist has the highest level of qualifications in Western Australia.

Trust your denture reline to Perth's best denture clinic - Easy Denture Clinic

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